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Keys without Fees is a one-of-a-kind program that allows timeshare owners to immediately walk away from their maintenance fees and still vacation at the resorts they know and love!

How Does It Work?

Our plan is simple. You sign over your timeshare deed and maintenance fees to us. Then, you only pay for the vacation time that you actually need by renting it directly through us. So not only do you get to pay as you go, but once you’re a client you get your bookings at a wholesale rate that is 50% less than the retail booking rate for life!

Why Would I Do This?

When you look at the numbers, more often than not, it makes much more sense to rent your timeshare vacations through us, then it does to own timeshare. Check out our ten year comparison calculator and see for yourself!

How Do I Get Started?

Since this is a limited availability program, you must meet the basic requirements of what we are currently looking for in our clients. So if you are interested in learning more, call or email us today to schedule a free consultation!